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Concerned about looking good every time you look in the mirror?

Don’t worry. It’s quite natural. We all wish to look the best among the rest. But before you think of getting that extraordinary glow on your face, you should know that the radiance on your face comes from the status of your inner health. One should be healthy from within, with a relaxed mind to be the owner of such a glowing face..! But, at the same time you should be well aware of the products that you are using on your face as well, be it a face wash, moisturizer or toner. It is always advisable to go for herbal products since they do not contain harmful chemicals that might harm the delicate facial skin by way of making it lose the vital oils, making it too rough, dry and lifeless.

The world we live in, is full of pollution, which forms a layer of dirt, oil and dead cells on the facial skin, which, if not cleared from time to time would start piling up resulting in clogged pores, griminess and skin breakouts. Hence, one should take proper care in cleaning the face regularly with a proper face wash that is gentle to the skin but tough to the dirt and grime.

We introduce you to Zerotox Handmade Orange & Lemongrass Face Wash, to take that extra bit of care for your oily skin. Zerotox – A world of toxic free beauty care zone, free from all chemicals and harmful agents like SLS and Paraben which are used in most of the cosmetic products available in the market. This face wash is loaded with the goodness of Lemon extract, Lemongrass oil, Orange oil, Bergamot oil, Aloe Vera and Neem extract.

One should be very careful while choosing skin products when you have oily skin, since there are many products which claim to remove dirt and oil completely from your face, but end up in making your skin too dry without proper cleaning. As a result, to compensate for the requisite hydration for the skin, the sebaceous glands produce much more oil, clogging the pores which results in skin infections, rashes, skin breakouts etc. It is always advisable to use such a face wash that would not only be gentle to your skin but also clean your skin off the dirt, oil, grime etc so that there is no piling of debris which might lead to clogging of pores.

The Healthbuddy Zerotox Handmade Orange & Lemongrass Face Wash would help you to get rid of excess amount of oil without harming your skin’s vitality besides adding a fresh glow to it. The various natural ingredients present in this formulation add their goodness to the facial skin and at the same time remove impurities and tighten the pores leaving the skin squeaky clean, soft and hydrated. Orange oil, which is one of the main ingredients of this face wash, is known for its antidepressant properties which allow you to relax, especially after a long tiring day’s work. Being an antiseptic, it removes toxins from the skin and prevents microbial growth especially harmful bacteria and also acts as a natural sedative in relaxing the body and mind. Lemon extract heals acne breakouts, removes blackheads and its rich antioxidant content helps in reducing free radicals in blood stream and boosting collagen production which in turn contributes to skin elasticity. Presence of Vitamin C and citric acid leads to skin brightening and removal of blemishes, scars etc. Bergamot oil speeds up the healing process to skin breakouts, pimples etc and at the same time reduces chances of fungal infections and stress. The face wash has Aloe Vera in it which is well known for its natural moisturizing properties, besides healing skin problems and reducing inflammations and redness. Neem helps in preventing microbial growth and accumulation on skin while healing infections.

Looking onto the goodness of the rich natural ingredients in this face wash, it becomes a solemn promise to you from us that it will definitely help you to take care of your oily face by way of removing impurities, oil and grime while providing nourishment and vitality thus making a more beautiful YOU…!!

Zerotox is a toxic free beauty care zone where all the products are made up of rich natural ingredients, devoid of harmful chemical agents, which are otherwise used in most of the cosmetic products available in the market. We have different other formulations for different skin types as well.

Healthbuddy Zerotox Handmade Orange & Lemongrass Face Wash has been formulated with the combination of demineralised water, lemongrass extract, Lemon extract, Orange oil, Bergamot oil, Aloe Vera extract and Neem. It’s completely free of chemical agents like Paraben and SLS.

SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) is an inexpensive foaming agent used indiscriminately in most of the soaps and cosmetics, which is not a very good proposition to skin health as it may cause irritation, redness and dryness to the skin. Paraben is yet another inexpensive preservative used in cosmetics which is also harmful to the skin.

Healthbuddy Zerotox Handmade Orange & Lemongrass Face Wash is totally free from harmful chemical agents and is the perfect match for your oily skin with the ideal combination of Lemongrass oil, Lemon extract, Orange oil, Aloe Vera extract, Neem extract and Bergamot oil. It not only cleans your face off oil and impurities but also draws in vitality from the said ingredients to keep your face soft and supple throughout the day. It leaves behind a mild and enticing aroma every time you use it.

In brief, this face wash serves a handful of purposes like:

  • It cleans dirt, oil, sebum and impurities from the face
  • Unclogs pores, keeps skin naturally hydrated
  • Acts hard against germs and dirt, gentle to skin
  • Prevents skin breakouts, pimples etc
  • Removes excess oil from face
  • Provides a soothing and healing effect to skin irritations, if any

Let us take a quick look at the beneficial aspects of the ingredients:

Orange oil: As one of the main ingredients in the face wash, orange oil sets your skin free from microbial growth owing to its antibacterial properties while at the same time it acts as an antidepressant in relieving stress and anxiety from your mind. The antioxidant content of it fights against the free radicals, thus making your skin much more supple, elastic and young. And the sweet lemony aroma makes you feel free from all tiredness after a hectic day.

Lemongrass oil: Known for its antidepressant property & a clean & calming aroma, lemongrass oil not only serves as an antiseptic in fighting against all microbes growing on the skin but acts as an anti inflammatory agent in reducing inflammation, swollenness, redness etc on face. It also acts as an astringent in constricting the pores of the facial skin, hence limiting the secretion of excess oil.

Lemon extract: We are all very familiar with the countless benefits of lemon to skin like healing of acne breakouts, pimples to removal of blackheads. Vitamin C and Citric acid content in it helps in skin brightening and removal of scars and blemishes. It acts as a natural exfoliator to the face, whilst being a natural moisturizer and oil regulator as well.

Bergamot oil: Derived from Bergamot orange, it serves as a natural antidepressant and stimulant to relieve you from your stress and unease. It also inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria on facial skin and relaxes by its pleasant delicate aroma.

Aloe Vera extract: The best friend to skin since ages – Aloe Vera. Numerous benefits of it include natural moisturisation with a layer of protection on the skin, healing of skin abrasions, improvement of skin complexion, treatment of suntan, prevention of under eye dark circles etc.

Neem extract: Needless to mention, Neem throughout has been an ardent companion to all types of skin to combat the complications with its antiseptic, anti-fungal, antibacterial, anti inflammatory and anti pigmentation properties since ages.


  • Vegan face wash
  • 100% natural and hand made
  • Mystifying lather with a sweet aroma
  • SLS and Paraben free
  • No side effects
1) What is the meaning of Zerotox?

Zerotox has been named after much thought and importance imparted over the goal and objective of the brand. Zerotox signifies – Toxic free beauty care! All the products under the banner of Zerotox are SLS and Paraben free – the two commonly found chemicals in mostly pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry. Zerotox products are hence genuinely natural and safe without any harmful chemicals.

2) What is SLS?

SLS or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is a cheap, chemical compound, an anionic detergent found in most of the cosmetics, soaps and beauty care products. It is an emulsifier and surfactant which essentially suggests that it helps to break down the surface tension and separate the molecules so as to allow better contact between the product and your hair. On application of a product with SLS, it not only touches your skin but gets through it and mixes with your blood stream. SLS has reportedly been considered to be a “moderate hazard” that has been on numerous occasions linked to skin irritation, organ toxicity, neurotoxicity, endocrine disruption and also cancer.

3) What is Paraben?

Paraben is a widely used class of chemical preservative used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry. They easily penetrate the skin. Several studies and researches have implied that parabens interfere with hormone functions. They have been found to mimic estrogens, the primary female sex hormone. They may also interfere with male reproductive functions. Methylparaben on application to skin can react with UVB and lead to increased skin ageing and DNA damage.

4) How does Zerotox Handmade Orange & Lemongrass Face Wash help with skin care?

-As we all know, Zerotox signifies a toxic free beauty care zone, free from all the harmful chemicals like SLS and Paraben, which are quite extensively used in many of the cosmetic brands available in the market. It’s tough against germs, oil and dirt while it is gentle to your face. Healthbuddy Zerotox Handmade Orange & Lemongrass Face wash has been formulated from the concoction of natural goodies like Orange oil, Lemongrass extract, Bergamot oil, Lemon extract, Neem extract and Aloe Vera. It gently removes excess oil from the face so that there is no piling up of debris/dirt which might lead to clogging of pores, thus leading to skin breakouts. Regular use of it makes your face soft, supple and free from scars.

5) What benefits are drawn from the main ingredients: Orange oil and Lemongrass oil?

-Orange oil, the cold pressed oil extracted as a by product of orange juice production by centrifugation, is an excellent antidepressant and natural sedative that allows you to relax and acts as a feel good factor for your mind after a long tiring workday. At the same time, it helps in preventing microbial growth on skin, especially the harmful bacteria, removes excess oil from face, etc while its soothing aroma adds to your delight as you use it.

-The other principal ingredient of this face wash is Bergamot oil, which is derived from Bergamot orange and well known for its exquisite luxurious aroma, besides being an excellent antidepressant and analgesic agent. It helps in relieving you from the day long stress and get relaxed besides acting strong on microbes growing on your face which might otherwise lead to skin breakouts, pimples etc.

6) 6)How do other herbal products in the face wash help skin care?

-Let us consider the extraordinary contribution made by the other ingredients in the face wash:

Lemon extract: Known for its rich content of antioxidants and Vitamin C, it greatly helps in skin brightening and removal of dark spots and skin blemishes. It has a healing effect on acne, skin breakouts and helps preventing microbial growth on skin due to its antibacterial nature.

Aloe Vera extract: One of the most common names in most of the skin products available worldwide, Aloe Vera has all the goodness that contributes to a fair glowing healthy skin. Besides acting as an anti-inflammatory agent in reducing swollen parts, redness etc it also helps in improving the skin complexion on regular usage. It acts as a natural moisturizing agent in locking the necessary amount of moisture in skin so that it does go dry and rough. Even it helps in treating suntans and sunburns to a great extent.

Neem extract: Needless to mention, Neem has been acting as an ardent companion to all types of skin to combat the complications with its antiseptic, anti-fungal, antibacterial, anti inflammatory and anti pigmentation properties since ages.

7) In what quantity is the face wash available?

-Zerotox Handmade Orange & Lemongrass Face Wash is available in a bottle of 210 ml.

8) What is the price of the face wash?

-One bottle of Zerotox Handmade Face Wash Orange & Lemongrass is priced at Rs220/- only.

9) Where and how to contact the marketer?

For any customer or other queries and suggestions, please feel free to contact on the following:

Purba Salepur, Dr. Narman Bethun Sarani,
P.O. – Baruipur, South 24 Parganas,
Kolkata : 700144, West Bengal

For feedback-

Email: feedback@mhbl.in Customer Care No – 033 3080 3036

You can buy Zerotox Handmade Orange & Lemongrass Face Wash at the following websites: