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Can’t stop looking at yourself on the mirror every time you pass by it?

Don’t worry. It’s nothing unnatural. We all have it in one of the deepest corners of our mind, to make ourselves look the best to the outside world, wherever we go and yes, we do envy the person who stands to be the owner of a healthier looking skin than us.

But, at the same time we should remember it’s not an overnight magic that makes one’s skin look so healthy and glowing. The healthy flawless skin actually depicts the inner sound state of health and a happy relaxed mind. Besides, one needs to be very careful in choosing the products that are being used on skin, especially on face, because certain cosmetic products that are readily available in the market contain harmful chemicals which might produce good results at first, but ultimately damages the skin tissues in the long run, thus giving you a dull, rough face that you would not have even dreamt of in your wildest dreams.

Moreover, we live amidst lot of pollution, which forms a layer of dust, oil, grime and dead cells on our faces, which if not cleared properly might lead to a lot of skin problems, skin breakouts, acne leading to skin blemishes, scars and dark spots. So, it is of utmost importance that one follows a careful and thorough process of cleaning the face to keep his/her skin away from discussed problems. This is where the role of a good face wash comes in, a face wash which is soft and gentle to your skin but strong and tough to the microbes and germs on it. We thus introduce you to the world of Zerotox – The world of beauty care products devoid of any chemical components that might be detrimental to the health of your skin.

While most of the available face washes in the market contain chemicals like SLS and Paraben, Zerotox products have been made completely free from all chemicals that might cause skin irritations, itching, rashes etc on your skin. Here, we may suggest you the use of Healthbuddy Zerotox Handmade Sandal & Almond Face Wash, if your skin is of dry nature. It is filled with the richness of natural ingredients like sandalwood oil, Almond oil, Vitamin E, Citric acid, Ashwagandha extract and Liquorice extract to take that extra bit of care for your skin when you use it.

Healthbuddy Zerotox Handmade Sandalwood & Almond Face Wash comes in with the perfect combination of Sandalwood oil, Almond oil, Aloe Vera, Turmeric and Neem extract which leaves your skin soft and hydrated from the first use while being tough to the impurities, dirt and harmful microbes that might get accumulated on the surface of skin due to its continuous exposure to the outside world. Sandalwood oil, one of the main components, serve to be a cleansing agent for the skin besides giving a relaxing, soothing and cooling effect once you use it on your face. It also contributes in softening the skin to some extent besides clearing the skin complexion. The luscious soothing aroma of sandalwood promotes a sound sleep and eases an anxious mind. Almond oil prevents formation of dark circles, besides delaying the signs of ageing and enhancing the youthfulness of your skin. It also helps in the removal of impurities, dead skin cells and even helps in reduction of suntan, if any. The face wash is also empowered with the goodness of Vitamin E, which is fat soluble acting as a natural moisturizer and known for its cleansing property helping in removal of dirt, grime, oil from the face. It also helps in treating scars or blemishes that might already be present on your skin. And what more can we say about Ashwagandha? It has been long known for its remarkable stress relieving property since time unknown. The antioxidants in it help to combat signs of aging while again it serves to be an excellent partner to fight infections caused by harmful microbial growth on skin. It contributes greatly in making the skin soft and supple. The skin lightening Ayurvedic herb also serves to be anti inflammatory and antimicrobial agent. Turmeric helps in removing acne, skin breakouts, reduction of wrinkles and fine lines besides bringing in a youthful glow on your face.

With the richness of all the natural ingredients in it, Healthbuddy Zerotox Handmade Sandalwood & Almond Face Wash will surely live up to your expectations in making your facial skin healthily glamorous to such an extent that you may feel it necessary to encourage your near ones to use it for their benefit as well.

Zerotox – as the name suggests, is devoid of any harmful chemicals or toxins that may affect your skin adversely. The products are manufactured from natural ingredients which allow you to enjoy their natural goodness each time you use them.

Healthbuddy Zerotox Handmade Sandalwood & Almond Face Wash has been made from the formulation of Sandalwood oil, Almond Oil, Ashwagandha extract, Citric acid, Vitamin E, Turmeric and Liquorice extract. It is completely free from SLS and Paraben. SLS or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is an inexpensive foaming agent being widely used in various personal care products like soaps, shampoos etc and may have adverse effects on repeated usage, while Paraben is an easily available preservative used in cosmetics that result in skin irritation as well.

This product is purely handmade, being filled with the richness of the natural ingredients, the perfect partner to your dry skin. It helps not only to clear away all the impurities off your face but also helps in restoration of required moisture in the skin to keep it soft and supple throughout the day besides drawing in vitality from the exquisite combination of nature’s bounty stored in them. The alluring delicate aroma gives a tingle to your senses every time you use it.

The benefits of the face wash may be briefed as follows:

  • Cleans the dirt, oil, sebum, grime off your face
  • Unclogs the skin pores, thereby allowing your skin to breathe
  • Provides nourishment to the skin
  • Retains required amount of moisture thereby keeping it soft and svelte at all times
  • Gentle to skin, harsh to microbial growth
  • Prevents skin rashes, abrasions, skin breakouts
  • Protects skin from antigens

Let us take some time to explore the beneficial aspects of the various natural ingredients:

Sandalwood oil: One of the main ingredients of the face wash, Sandalwood oil not only acts as an antiseptic agent in preventing infection by restricting microbial growth on skin but also acts as an excellent healing agent in treating wounds, scars, spots and redness as well. It acts as a skin brightening agent and has a cooling effect on skin. The sweet aroma helps in calming down an anxious mind to a state of relaxation.

Almond oil: Being the storehouse of Vitamin E, A, D, oleic & linoleic acids, almond oil serves to be the ultimate moisturizing agent for your dry skin. It helps in removing dark circles, suntan, besides helping in delaying the signs of ageing. It helps in bringing a healthy glow to your face by way of maintaining the normal pH of the skin.

Ashwagandha extract: Known for its excellent stress relieving properties, Ashwagandha extract also fights against infections due to its antibacterial properties. The rich antioxidant content helps in fighting against signs of ageing. It also helps in healing of wounds, scars, skin breakouts, if any.

Citric acid: High antioxidant content stimulates collagen production & fights signs of ageing & destroys free radicals which damages skin. It also helps in skin exfoliation as well.

Liquorice extract: This skin lightening Ayurvedic herb helps in treating a lot of skin problems owing to its anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, anti-carcinogenic and antiviral properties. It protects the skin from harmful UV rays of the sun, and at the same time helps in treating dark spots on the skin. It also aids in fading hyper-pigmentation and sun damage.

Vitamin E: Vitamin E present in the face wash acts as a natural moisturizer and is very effective in treating scars, sunburns etc. It also cleans the face off the dirt, oil, grime, etc that gets accumulated on the face due to its continuous exposure to outside world, full of pollution.

Turmeric: Turmeric helps in removing acne, skin breakouts, reduction of wrinkles and fine lines besides bringing in a youthful glow on your face.

1) What is the meaning of Zerotox?

Zerotox has been named after much thought and importance imparted over the goal and objective of the brand. Zerotox signifies – Toxic free beauty care! All the products under the banner of Zerotox are SLS and Paraben free – the two commonly found chemicals in mostly pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry. Zerotox products are hence genuinely natural and safe without any harmful chemicals.

2) What is SLS?

SLS or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is a cheap, chemical compound, an anionic detergent found in most of the cosmetics, soaps and beauty care products. It is an emulsifier and surfactant which essentially suggests that it helps to break down the surface tension and separate the molecules so as to allow better contact between the product and your hair. On application of a product with SLS, it not only touches your skin but gets through it and mixes with your blood stream. SLS has reportedly been considered to be a “moderate hazard” that has been on numerous occasions linked to skin irritation, organ toxicity, neurotoxicity, endocrine disruption and also cancer.

3) What is Paraben?

Paraben is a widely used class of chemical preservative used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry. They easily penetrate the skin. Several studies and researches have implied that parabens interfere with hormone functions. They have been found to mimic estrogens, the primary female sex hormone. They may also interfere with male reproductive functions. Methylparaben on application to skin can react with UVB and lead to increased skin ageing and DNA damage.

4) How does Zerotox Handmade Sandal & Almond Face Wash help with skin care?

Zerotox signifies a toxic free beauty care zone, free from the harsh chemical components that are present in most of the cosmetic products readily available in the market. Zerotox Handmade Sandal & Almond Face Wash is a purely handmade product manufactured from the combination of Sandalwood Oil, Almond Oil, Citric acid, Vitamin E, Ashwagandha extract, Liquorice extract and Turmeric extract, an excellent partner to your dry skin. Sandalwood oil helps in softening of skin, while acting as an excellent relaxant in providing a soothing effect on your body & mind, promoting a sound sleep after a long tiresome day. It also helps in clearing the skin complexion besides having a healing effect on acne, pimples etc. Almond oil helps in reduction of dark circles, suntan and delays signs of ageing like wrinkles, fine lines etc. Citric acid helps in fighting skin ageing by boosting collagen production, exfoliates the skin and makes it bright and glowing. Another main component, Liquorice extract known for its skin lightening properties helps in treating a lot of skin problems due to its anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antibacterial properties. It also treats spots, scars, blemishes on skin, besides protecting the skin from the harmful UVA rays of the sun. Vitamin E helps in restoration of moisture to the skin, to keep it soft & gentle all the time while Turmeric extract not only treats pimples, acne, skin breakouts but also helps in exfoliation of the skin and fights against fine lines, scars, wrinkles etc.

5) What benefits are drawn from the main ingredients: Sandalwood and Almond?

-Sandalwood oil, derived from the steam distillation of chips cut from the heartwood of Sandalwood trees at least 70 years old, serves to be the skin softening agent for your dry skin, making your skim svelte & soft, besides other benefits like relaxing your mind & body or tightening of skin. It also prevents harmful microbial growth on your face, thus in turn preventing infections through bacteria, fungal growth etc. Last, but not the least, the luscious enticing aroma of sandal gets you to a fantasy world even with a lot of tension at the back of your mind..!!! Almond oil, with its high lubricating quality traps moisture within skin, keeping it moisturized at all times. Being rich in Vitamin A, D, E, oleic & linoleic acids, it offers an extra amount of nutrition that your skin needs. The anti inflammation property has a calming effect on skin allergies, rashes, redness or any kind of inflammation etc. Almond oil greatly helps in reduction of dark circles, suntan, removal of dead skin cells, besides delaying the signs of ageing.

6) How do other herbal products in the face wash help skin care?

Let us go through the beneficial aspects of the other natural ingredients present in Zerotox Handmade Sandal & Almond Face Wash:

Citric acid: The high content of antioxidants in Citric acid boosts up the production of collagen tissue, thereby helping to enhance the elasticity of skin besides damaging the harmful free radicals. It also acts as an excellent exfoliating agent as well.

Ashwagandha extract: Greatly helps in the treatment of rough, dry skin. It has remarkable stress relieving properties besides being tough on microbes, specially bacteria & fungi which make an easy growth on moist skin surfaces leading to a number of skin problems like acne, pimples, breakouts etc. Rich content of antioxidants helps in fighting skin ageing problems as well.

Vitamin E: Known for its moisturizing properties, Vitamin E keeps the facial skin hydrated & supple at all times besides being effective in treatment of scars, & sunburn etc. It also helps a lot in proper cleaning of dust, oil, grime, debris etc that gets accumulated on your face since it is exposed to the outer world & its pollution at all times.

Turmeric extract: Well known for its antiseptic properties, turmeric goes a long way in prevention of microbial growth on face thereby reducing chances of acne, rashes, skin irritations etc. It also helps in fighting against skin wrinkles, fine lines, pores etc, thus making the skin more glowing & youthful. Turmeric also helps in skin exfoliation.

Liquorice extract: The skin lightening Ayurvedic herb helps to treat a lot of skin problems due to anti inflammatory, antimicrobial properties. It helps in fading hyper-pigmentation, sun damage besides reduction of dark spots, scars etc that might already been present on your skin beforehand.

7) In what quantity is the face wash available?

-Zerotox Handmade Sandal & Almond Face Wash is available in a bottle of 210 ml.

8) What is the price of the face wash?

-One bottle of Zerotox Handmade Sandal & Almond Face Wash is priced at Rs220/- only.

9) Where and how to contact the marketer?

For any customer or other queries and suggestions, please feel free to contact on the following:

Purba Salepur, Dr. Narman Bethun Sarani,
P.O. – Baruipur, South 24 Parganas,
Kolkata : 700144, West Bengal

For feedback-

Email: feedback@mhbl.in Customer Care No – 033 3080 3036

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