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Keeping our face free of dirt and grime to own a clean and clear skin that radiates an exuberant glow has been the secret desire of all minds since time unknown. Our face has to encounter dirt, oil, pollution, dust, etc. regularly and it is thus necessary that we take proper care in cleaning it so as to preserve its suppleness and flexibility.

Few decades back and even today, people wash their faces with bathing soap bars, unaware of the fact that the harsh chemicals in these soaps can not only strip their skin of necessary vital oils but also are less hygienic for the facial skin due to the growth of bacteria on the exposed moist surface of the soap. Soaps are specially harmful for oily skin since excessive drying leads to over production of oil from sebaceous glands which in turn leads to more oil production and finally breakout of acnes, pimples etc leading to blemishes on the skin.

But at the same time we can’t underestimate the fact that soap removes all dirt, oil, and dust from the skin. So keeping the said qualities of soap intact, the idea of face wash came up, a gentler version of soap that helps clean the face off its dirt but at the same time retains the vital oils and nutrients. But best results are obtained when you go for herbal products as they are devoid of toxic chemicals which help to treat the face with that extra care. This is where and why we empower you with Zerotox – a range of herbal handmade products made of natural ingredients to give you an exhilarating experience since the very first use!

Zerotox is a toxic free beauty care zone especially created to beautify you and your feelings..!! Embrace Healthbuddy Zerotox Handmade Lavender Face Wash for that extra soft, clean, smooth and fragrant healthy face, whose gleam would attract attention of many. It contains Neem, Ylang-Ylang Oil, Lavender Oil, Neroli Oil and Basil extracts. The combination of the face wash will help you clean your face off dirt, oil and impurities after a long tiring day, leaving behind a sweet lingering fragrance of lavender and a refreshed face. Being free from harsh chemicals like SLS and Paraben it is absolutely safe for the skin unlike other cosmetic products which are full of harmful chemicals and toxins. It has a rich content of Neem extract, which is an undisputed patron to healthy skin with its anti bacterial & anti fungal properties, healing effect to skin infections, anti pigmentation property and what not. Ylang-Ylang oil has benefits of being antidepressant in relaxing the facial muscles, antiseborrhoeic (in regulating functioning of sebaceous glands) as well as an antiseptic. Neroli Oil helps improve skin health by regenerating and keeping the skin elastic, preventing the appearance of stretch marks, banishing acne, reducing the appearance of scars, and helping heal broken capillaries. Basil helps in prevention of blackheads, acne breakouts etc.

Thus, it is pointless to say that this herbal face wash with all its rich ingredients and goodness will drive your crazy to use it and even recommend the same to the ones you care for.

We assure you of transcendent rejuvenation and elation once you start using the face wash to only find that phenomenal radiance back on your face, a sure shot reason for envy among your peers. Along with this, the luscious and ecstatic aroma of lavender will definitely serve to be a cause of tingle to your senses giving you absolute delight and feeling of freshness all day long…!!

Zerotox is a toxic free beauty care zone catering products loaded with the richness of all natural ingredients to suit your needs and fulfil your desire to see a more beautiful you every time you use them.

Healthbuddy Zerotox Handmade Lavender Face Wash has been formulated concocting demineralised water, Lavender oils, Neroli oil, Ylang-Ylang oil, Neem and Basil extracts. It is completely free of SLS and Parabens. SLS is Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, a foaming agent widely used in various personal care products like soaps, shampoos, etc. and not very good for skin and eyes, causing irritation when used in greater quantities. Paraben is an inexpensive preservative used in cosmetic products which may result in skin irritation as well.

Free from chemical agents, our handmade face wash has a superb combination of exquisite natural ingredients that would suit all skin types and keep your face smooth and supple, free from problems like acne, pimples, dryness, etc. Besides bringing in vitality to your skin, the regular use of our face wash would captivate you with the luscious aroma of lavender, giving you that extra freshness wherever you go.

Briefly, the benefits of using this face wash are:

  • Cleanses the dirt, oil, sebum and dust from face
  • Unclogs the skin pores retaining skin moisture
  • Allows skin to breathe
  • Prevents skin breakouts and pimples
  • Gentle to the skin
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Protects skin from antigens

Let us delve into the beneficial aspects of the ingredients:

Lavender oil: Known for its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, it helps in preventing skin breakouts, pimples, rashes on face besides leaving a delicate aroma that lingers on for long. It also helps removing wrinkles on skin by way of boosting the circulatory system, thus delaying skin ageing along with a healing effect on skin abrasions as well.

Neroli Oil: Derived from the fragrant flowers of bitter orange, it serves to be the secret key for regeneration and elasticity of skin, besides being an antidepressant, antibacterial and a clearing agent for acne scars and blemishes.

Ylang-Ylang Oil: Might be unknown to many, but this oil helps in relaxation of skin, kills harmful bacteria besides emitting a sweet aromatic scent.

Neem Extracts: Needless to mention, Neem has acted from time immemorial as an ardent companion to all types of skin to combat the complications with its antiseptic, anti-fungal, antibacterial, anti inflammatory and anti pigmentation properties since ages.

Basil: Commonly known as Tulsi, it contains hundreds of beneficial compounds and possesses strong antioxidant, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, adaptogenic and immune enhancing properties.

1) What is the meaning of Zerotox?

Zerotox has been named after much thought and importance imparted over the goal and objective of the brand. Zerotox signifies – Toxic free beauty care! All the products under the banner of Zerotox are SLS and Paraben free – the two commonly found chemicals in mostly pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry. Zerotox products are hence genuinely natural and safe without any harmful chemicals.

2) What is SLS?

SLS or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is a cheap, chemical compound, an anionic detergent found in most of the cosmetics, soaps and beauty care products. It is an emulsifier and surfactant which essentially suggests that it helps to break down the surface tension and separate the molecules so as to allow better contact between the product and your hair. On application of a product with SLS, it not only touches your skin but gets through it and mixes with your blood stream. SLS has reportedly been considered to be a “moderate hazard” that has been on numerous occasions linked to skin irritation, organ toxicity, neurotoxicity, endocrine disruption and also cancer.

3) What is Paraben?

Paraben is a widely used class of chemical preservative used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry. They easily penetrate the skin. Several studies and researches have implied that parabens interfere with hormone functions. They have been found to mimic estrogens, the primary female sex hormone. They may also interfere with male reproductive functions. Methylparaben on application to skin can react with UVB and lead to increased skin ageing and DNA damage.

4) How does Healthbuddy Zerotox Handmade Lavender Face Wash help with skin care?

Zerotox is a toxic free beauty care zone catering products free from all harmful chemical agents that are present in many of the cosmetic products available in the market. This purely handmade face wash is formulated with natural ingredients like Lavender Oil, Ylang-Ylang Oil, Neroli Oil, Neem extracts, Basil extracts, etc. This marvellous formulation is suitable for all skin types. Lavender, well known for its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties reduces scarring and heals acne infections, redness and swelling. It helps in relieving tension, stress, and boosts circulatory system which prevents premature skin ageing. Neem & Basil extract helps skin to stay healthy and moisturized owing to their anti fungal and skin whitening properties while Ylang-Ylang Oil & Neroli Oil help in adding an exceptional glow to your face by the way of regeneration and relaxation of skin besides whispering a sweet scent after every use.

5) What benefits are drawn from the main ingredient: Lavender oil?

Lavender oil is an essential oil derived from Lavandula, commonly known as lavender. It acts as a stress reliever, boosts circulatory system which in turn helps in transporting enough oxygen to skin cells thus preventing acne breakouts and irritations. It also prevents ageing of facial skin besides getting you relaxed after a hard day’s work. One feels rejuvenated not only by its sweet enduring fragrance but also its excellent healing effect on skin irritations or abrasions, etc.

6) How do other herbal extracts in the face wash help with skin care?

Let us consider the exquisite benefits derived from the other ingredients in the face wash:

Neem Extract: Known without doubt for its patronage to healthy glowing skin, Neem is undoubtedly one of the best natural options when it comes to skin care. It helps in combating several skin problems owing to its antifungal, antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties besides preventing pigmentation, blackheads and acne breakouts on your face. Ylang-Ylang Oil: Being one of the important ingredients, it serves as an antidepressant, thus helping you to get rid of the stress and fatigue after a tiresome day whilst getting you elated by its luscious aroma that is sure to tingle your senses.

Neroli Oil: Derived from the fragrant flowers of bitter orange, it serves to be the secret key for regeneration and elasticity of skin, besides being an antidepressant, antibacterial and a clearing agent for acne scars and blemishes.

Basil: Commonly known as Tulsi, it contains hundreds of beneficial compounds and possesses strong antioxidant, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, adaptogenic and immune enhancing properties.

7) In what quantity is the face wash available?

Healthbuddy Zerotox Handmade Lavender Face Wash is available in a bottle of 210 ml.

8) What is the price of the face wash?

One bottle of Healthbuddy Zerotox Handmade Lavender Face Wash is priced at Rs. 220/- only.

9) Where and how to contact the marketer?

For any customer or other queries and suggestions, please feel free to contact on the following:

Purba Salepur, Dr. Narman Bethun Sarani,
P.O. – Baruipur, South 24 Parganas,
Kolkata : 700144, West Bengal

For feedback-

Email: feedback@mhbl.in Customer Care No – 033 3080 3036

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