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Healthbuddy PREMIUM Assam CTC Tea ~ an impeccable fusion for you to enjoy the ideal taste!

Our tea is the native of the state of Assam in India which is famous for Black Tea all around the globe!

  • The land of the Tiger and the one-horned Rhino.
  • The land through which the mighty river, the Brahmaputra, winds its majestic course.

Assam – rich in nature’s bounty and a rainfall ranging from 100 to 150 inches per year – a bounty that ensures a very special place for the teas grown here. These teas are referred to simply as “Assam” and offer rich, full-bodied, bright tea liquor. For those who favour a bright, strong cup of tea, Assam is “your cup of tea.”

CTC is the acronym for Crush, Tear and Curl. It refers to the factory process used to make the tea.

Healthbuddy PREMIUM tea truly lives up to its name. Selectively handpicked from the finest gardens in Assam, this tea is a perfect brew of intense colour, aroma and strength. Healthbuddy PREMIUM Assam CTC Tea offers rich, full-bodied, strong, bright tea liquor and is a flavourful delight.

So, the next time you need to unwind or shake yourself up from that laidback and snoozy state, take a brewing hot cup of Healthbuddy PREMIUM CTC Tea with milk for the best taste and get going to travel that extra mile!

Healthbuddy PREMIUM Assam CTC Teas are selectively handpicked from the best tea growing gardens in Assam for that freshness and aroma! This is a premium quality Assam tea that imparts a unique enriching flavour which is widely sought after all over the world.

The tea owes its malty taste and flavour to the region it is grown in. Our Assam Tea is a strong, distinctively malty, full bodied tea with a sweet undertone making it a perfect drink for morning.

  • FLORA: The state of Assam is the world’s largest tea-growing region, lying on either side of the Brahmaputra River, and bordering Bangladesh and Burma (Myanmar). This part of India experiences high precipitation during the monsoon period, as much as 10 to 12 inches (250–300 mm) of rain per day. The daytime temperature rises to about 103F (40 °C), creating greenhouse-like conditions of extreme humidity and heat. This tropical climate contributes to Assam’s unique malty taste, a feature for which this tea is well known.

CTC tea from Assam is known for its strength and body and is sought after by the major blenders all over the tea-drinking world.


  • Healthbuddy PREMIUM Assam CTC Tea comes with an unmatched natural aroma and flavour, so you can be sure you always get that extraordinary cup that cheers. It is rich in the most natural forms of antioxidants, keeping you fresh and stress-free.
  • Pure Assam Tea
  • Rich in aroma and taste
  • Rich source of antioxidants
  • Optimum purity
  • Long shelf life
1) What is CTC tea?
It is a machine processed tea, usually from Assam, Sri Lanka/Ceylon and parts of Africa and South America. The processing has 3 stages – Crush, Tear and Curl hence the name CTC Tea. It produces a very strongly flavoured; quickly infusing tea that is often boiled or used in teabags.
2) How do you prepare this tea?

It took centuries of evolution in the making of tea to develop this oxidized form of tea. This is the most popular tea variant for complete delivery of flavour, aroma, briskness and strength of tea. It can be stored for years in airtight containers, away from light.

It can be prepared with Milk (Breakfast Tea), Sugar, Honey and / or Spices to your heart’s desire. The unique character of our tea stands out and is complemented by these additions – as per an individual’s preference. It is a filling experience.

(**Best as strong and bold milked Assam Tea)

3) What is the speciality of Assam CTC tea?

Unlike orthodox grade of teas which are long leaf or broken, CTC (Crush, Tear, Curl) teas are granular in form and follow an entirely different process of manufacturing, even though they are all produced from the same tea plant.

Assam is known to produce some premium CTC teas every year. Our tea blend consists of expertly chosen tea leaves which offer a refreshingly distinct taste and strength to enliven one’s morning like none other. Even though it can be brewed plain and served without milk, CTC teas when prepared with milk follow a different preparation process.  Unlike orthodox teas, CTC teas are boiled along with milk and water up to 100 degrees to ensure maximum release of flavour and strength.

The bright red liquor in the cup after preparation leaves a prominent aftertaste in the mouth. A must-have for tea lovers who like their cup of tea extremely strong.

4) Where is it grown?
It is grown in the state of Assam – the world’s largest tea-growing region, lying on either side of the Brahmaputra River, and bordering Bangladesh and Burma (Myanmar).
5) What is the size of the pack/pouch?
The size of the pouch is 250 gm.
6) What is the nutritional value?
Typical values per 100gm of product
Protein (g) 23
Carbohydrates (g) 64
Sugar (g) 3.95
Total fat (g) 0.79
7) Where should the tea be stored?
The tea should be stored in a cool, dry and odour free place to avoid losing out on the strength and aroma.
8) What is the price of the tea?
A 250gm pouch of the tea is priced at Rs 85/- only.
9) What is the contact detail of the marketer?
The contact details of the marketing company is as follows-

Imported & Marketed by:

Purba Salepur, Dr. Narman Bethun Sarani,
P.O. – Baruipur, South 24 Parganas,
Kolkata : 700144, West Bengal

For feedback-

Email: feedback@mhbl.in Customer Care No – 033 3080 3036

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