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There are numerous types of bandages available in the market. Crepe bandage is one type of light bandage which provides support to painful joints and any other specific body part which has suffered some kind of sprain, jerk, sudden compressions, varicose veins, dislocation etc.

We at Healthbuddy care for you and thus have come up with an exclusive, flexible and flesh coloured crepe bandage that is light weight, comfortable to wear and easy to snap on the injured body part. It reduces the blood flow, hence preventing swelling of the body part.

The skin friendly bandage pack also comes with an extra safety pin to help you in securing the bandage better. One of the striking features of it is that washing renews the elasticity of the crepe bandage, thus making it suitable for repeated use.

Now, let’s maintain our normal routine of work even with a painful joint with the all new Healthbuddy Pain Relief Cotton Crepe Bandage on!!


  • Light weight, ideal sized bandage
  • Flexible, comfortable and easy to wrap
  • Bandage pack comes with extra safety pin
  • Washing renews elasticity of the bandage
  • Non-fraying edges
  • Easily washable with lukewarm water
  • Can be used as compression bandage for all orthopaedic uses and also as pressure bandage in burns and skin grafts


  • Cotton fabric of the bandage provides extra comfort while the bandage is on
  • The extra Safety pin provided aids better fastening of the bandage
  • Flexibility of the bandage makes it easy to wrap
  • Renewal of elasticity on washing ensures repeated usage of the bandage over time
  • Varied usage implies the versatility of the bandage
  • Non-fraying edges reduce chances of damage of the bandage
  • Can be easily hand washed with lukewarm and soapy water
1) Is the material of the crepe bandage skin friendly?

Yes. It is made up of cotton fabric, which is skin friendly and very comfortable to wear, with no fear of any irritation or abrasion when worn even for longer durations.

2) Is it washable?

Yes. It can easily be hand washed using lukewarm soapy water. But, it’s advisable not to stretch, iron or twist the bandage forcibly to avoid damage.

3) Is it true that washing renews the elasticity of the bandage?

Yes, it is the most striking feature of our product. Washing renews its elasticity, which makes it suitable for repeated use.

4) I am having chronic pain at my ankle joint. Can I use your product?

Yes. Our crepe bandage can be put to varied uses like sprain, joint pains, sudden compression, varicose veins, dislocation etc. It may also be used as pressure bandage in burns and skin grafts.

5) I recently had a sprain in my wrist. How shall I wrap the crepe bandage to relieve myself of the pain?

It is always advisable to get the crepe bandage wrapped under proper medical supervision, because if wrapped wrongly, it might lead to further damage of the inner delicate tissues of the already injured body part.

6) Is the bandage length good enough for general use?

Yes, the length of the bandage is standard.

7) What are the contact details of the importer and marketer?

The contact details are as follows:

Purba Salepur, Dr. Narman Bethun Sarani,
P.O. – Baruipur, South 24 Parganas,
Kolkata : 700144, West Bengal

For customer queries and suggestions, please do feel free to contact at:

Customer Care No – 033 3080 3036
Email: Website:

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