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Before there was anything, there was Green Tea!

Healthbuddy Organic Premium Darjeeling Green Tea is now available in two forms – tea bags and our whole new launch of whole-leaf green tea.

Healthbuddy Organic Premium Darjeeling Green tea leaves are handpicked from exclusive tea gardens in the slope and terrains of splendid Darjeeling.

At Healthbuddy ORGANIC, we are offering loose leaf green tea. Why? “Whole-leaf tea” means tea that’s primarily made up of whole, unbroken leaves. Teabags are usually made from the opposite –such as dust and fannings.

Loose-leaf tea is tea that is not brewed in a teabag. When you steep loose-leaf tea, it has (or should have) room for tea leaves to absorb water and expand as they infuse. This allows the water to flow through the leaves and extract a wide range of vitamins, minerals, flavours and aromas from the leaves.

Green tea is gaining more and more popularity because of its abounding health benefits. Apart from the benefits of green tea itself, whole-leaf too has astounding benedictions. Due to less processing as compared to tea bags, whole-leaf teas retain their medicinal, beneficial and taste features. It is fresher and stronger.

Healthbuddy in its constant endeavour to bring you health goodies encourages you a bit more today to try this whole-leaf organic green tea with its magnanimous properties!


It is not unknown to people across the globe that green tea has a number of health benefits and that it was a preferred health drink for the Chinese in the ancient past. Then it started gaining acclamation owing its credits to its bountiful benefits.

Green Tea offers a number of benefits including a high concentration of antioxidants. Antioxidants battle the free radicals that can alter and even kill cells. Green tea also helps to fight a number of diseases, from cancer to diabetes. Green tea is unfermented. This allows green tea to retain its natural antioxidant levels better than the other types.

Loose teas contain either entire leaves or the largest pieces of the leaves. This keeps the medicinal properties, and the taste, intact for a longer period of time.

Features worth sparing a look at:

  1. Firstly Healthbuddy Organic Premium Darjeeling Green tea Whole Leaf, being 100% organic, it ensures no chemicals or pesticides making way into your hot cup of tea.
  2. Healthbuddy Organic Premium Darjeeling Green tea Whole Leaf is beneficial to your health considering the concoction of the benefits of green tea along with the benefits of whole-leaf being unprocessed which don’t lose out on its medicinal and tasting properties.
  3. Green tea is chock full of antioxidants, thanks to the bountiful amount of chemical compounds in it known as Catechins.
  4. Prevents cancer.
  5. Helps in reducing weight.
  6. Lowers the risk of several old age ailments.
  7. Improves dental health and helps in oral care.
  8. Abbreviates the risk of diabetes.
  9. Maintains heart health and aids you to live longer.
  10. Improves the longevity of life overall.

So keep brewing and sipping! You are getting lots of vitamins and minerals this way, especially as your Healthbuddy offers you tea which is organic and relatively fresh.

1) What is Green Tea?
Green tea is made from the unfermented leaves of Camellia sinensis which go through minimal oxidation during processing, retaining most of the beneficial elements. Needless to mention, it has many health benefits and has been extensively used and associated to cultures and usage throughout Asia.
2) What does Organic mean?
The word organic means a condition or farming method where food or crops are produced without chemical fertilizers, pesticides and artificial chemicals, which means they are beneficial to the body. It is a labelling term used to indicate that the respective product has been produced through accepted methods that bring together cultural, biological and mechanical practices encouraging cycling of resources, promoting ecological balance and conservation of biodiversity.
3) What is whole-leaf?
“Whole-leaf tea” means tea that’s primarily made up of whole, unbroken leaves. Loose teas contain either entire leaves or the largest pieces of the leaves. This keeps the medicinal properties, and the taste, intact for a longer period of time than bagged tea.
4) What is the difference between whole-leaf green tea and green tea bag?

Teabags are made of much matured leaves which inevitably consist of stems and the leaves themselves are crushed and chopped into a fine granule kind of structure whereas whole-leaf grade teas are made out of very tender unopened bud along with the first 2 leaves.

Tea bags can be used once whereas whole-leaf teas render itself for use in multiple infusions (the same leaf could be used to extract the decoction multiple times).

5) What are the certifications we have?
Healthbuddy Organic Premium Darjeeling Greentea whole-leaf has the following certifications- NPOP (India Organic Logo), NOP (USDA Organic Logo), Control Union and Darjeeling Tea (Tea Board).
6) What does organic certification process entail?
The producer must be certified as an organic handler to use the NPOP seal on his products to claim them to be legally organic. All practices pertaining to their organic products must be thoroughly documented and transparent.
7) Where (country & region) is it grown?
Healthbuddy Organic Premium Darjeeling Green Tea Whole-leaf leaves are handpicked from the moist and rich green slopes of Darjeeling’s Arya Tea Estate. Darjeeling Green Teas are considered one of the best green tea resources because of their high altitude plantations, freshness and organic growth that they have, all of it when added together sums up to a total package with all the health benefits in it.
8) What is the quantity of tea in each box?
The box contains whole-leaf green tea of 100gm.
9) What is the nutritional value?
The nutritional value per 100gm of the tea goes as follows-


(Typical values per 100gm of product)
Energy (kcal) 112
Protein (g) 24
Carbohydrates (g) 6
Sugar (g) Traces
Total Fat (g) Traces
10) Where should the tea be stored?
The product should be stored in cool, dry and odour free conditions and away from direct sunlight.
11) When is the best time for the tea to be consumed?
Best time to be consumed is before 24months from packaging.
12) How is green tea different from others?
All tea comes from the plant known as Camellia sinensis. What makes each tea different is the way it has been processed. Tea can be placed into 6 groups based on the amount of processing that goes into the final product. Green tea is processed differently and not fermented like black tea. Green tea leaves are steamed or pan fried to avoid oxidation (fermentation) process. Then the leaves are rolled and dried again whereas black tea leaves are cut. Green tea tastes more plant like as it retains its natural state to quite an extent. It is somewhat pale in colour. Those who cannot consume plain green tea, prefer the flavoured ones which come in a variety of flavours, mixed with herbs, fruits etc.
13) Are all organic products the same?
All organic products are not the same. There are different categories of organic. In order to display the USDA Organic seal, a product must be at least 95% organic; that is, at least 95 percent of the ingredients used must be organic. The remaining 5% cannot include ingredients that are artificial, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), irradiated or grown in fields where sewage sludge is used as fertilizer. But they can include conventional (non-organic) items, only if an organic option for that product is not commercially available. Microsec Health Buddy takes pride in offering 100% organic tea. Products that contain at least 70% certified organic ingredients may use the phrase “Made with organic ingredients,” but may not display the USDA Organic seal on their package.
14) What are all the flavours available?
Currently only natural green tea flavour is available. However, we are in process to launch other options.
15) What is the price of the tea?
A 100gm box of Healthbuddy Organic Premium Darjeeling Greentea Whole-leaf costs Rs 200/- only.
16) What is the contact detail of the company?

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