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Babies… There is a lot to know about them, things which are extremely adorable and important information at the same time, especially to the mums. To know that, corresponding to this product, the first question should be what are teethers and why and how are they useful for babies?

Well, as we all know, most of the babies try to put things they get near their hands into their mouth at an early age. Somehow, they find doing so very comforting. When babies are teething, they tend to chew on things. Favourite stuffed toys, edges of baby books, their blankets, other soft things they find at hand and of course the not-to-forget one, their own fingers are an easy target to chew on. This is not healthy for the baby as many harmful germs might enter the body causing your little one to fall sick. However, teethers play an important role as during teething, chewing on teethers help to strengthen the gums of the tot.

Now, what are “Teethers”? And how are they helpful for babies?

Teethers are usually made of rubber, plastic or wood and are available in various shapes, sizes, designs and colours. They are designed in a way that the babies get an easy grip to put it in their mouth. Teethers are not hard in nature and provide adequate resistance.

It is soothing for a baby to chew on teethers as their tender, delicate and soft gums feel good when slight pressure is exerted on them. But not to forget, the teethers are not to be too hard as they can hurt your baby’s delicate gums. In this context, it is needless to say that the parents need to pick non-toxic teethers as the babies put it directly in their mouth.

We adore your toddler as much as you do! And we are much aware of your baby’s teething phase! Not just that bit, we also realise the importance of maintaining the hygiene and safety laterally as we are talking about babies, yes, the most delicate ones amongst us!

So, we bring to you attractive and hygienic cute silicone teethers to allow you and your tot smile away the phase! Noknok Baby Teethers are completely BPA & LEAD free, the first and foremost feature you SHOULD look for in your baby’s teethers. Also, our teethers do not have toxic paint on them. They are extremely soft and gentle on your buttercup’s gums whilst promoting the normal growth of your baby’s teeth, protecting the gums and increasing appetite. The size of Noknok teethers is just apt, neither too big, nor too small for your baby’s mouth and grip.

Discover a variety of colourful and attractive teethers for your bundle of joy while ensuring both safety and comfort. Choose from the following variants:

  • Fruity Strawberry
  • Juicy Pineapple
  • Yummy Watermelon
  • Ding Dong Duck

Baby teethers are essential for the growth and normal development process of a baby. During its developmental stage, a baby goes through a teething phase when the gums feel itchy and swell as the teeth underneath are in the process to sprout up. This is the time when the babies are irritated and happen to be in a disturbed mood which ends up in having them crying. Mommies have a really tough time managing the little ones during this phase. It is then when the teethers aid them from this irritation as they chew on them. When the teethers apply gentle pressure on the tender gums, the babies feel better and comfortable. But to choose teethers for your baby, the first and foremost is the safety feature. As it goes inside the mouth, it is important you choose a safe, hygienic and non-toxic teether for your tot. Choose Noknok Duck Baby Teether and let your worries fly away.

Features and benefits of Noknok Duck Baby Teether:

  • BPA and LEAD free
    Noknok Teethers are free from BPA and LEAD and hence are not harmful for your delicate darling!
  • EVA + Water Material
    Makes it non-toxic, apropos for internal uses for your baby.
  • Soft and durable
    The material is soft to prevent any injuries to the tender gums of your baby.
  • Stress-crack proof
    Made of EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate), the teethers are stress-crack resistant which means may how much your baby plays or chews around with it, the material shall never break in to your little one’s mouth.
  • Textured designs
    The textured designs make it look more attractive alongside making it more a satisfying experience for the baby to chew the teethers.
  • Fitting size
    The assortment of different attractive designs and colours come in small and handy sizes which fit in perfectly in your baby’s hands.
  • Easy to clean
    The teethers are easy to clean for reuse. Clean the teether thoroughly or boil it in water for about 3-5 minutes before use. Immediately after use, clean it and stock in a dry container.
1) How should Noknok Duck Baby Teethers be cleaned?

Noknok Duck Baby Teethers should be cleaned regularly to upkeep the safety meter of babies. Clean the teethers using lukewarm water and a mild detergent or simply wash it in the dishwasher. Do not boil the teethers or place them in the microwave.

2) When and why do babies need teethers?

Babies go through a phase of teething which is generic and normal to all. It is during this time when the babies remain irritated and the mommies have a hard time managing the cranky mood of their little ones. During this phase, teethers help to calm and soothe babies. Noknok Baby Teethers are BPA free projecting safety and hygiene for our baby. The material is soft and gentle on the tender gums. This ensures that your darling baby forgets about the teething pain in no time at all!

3) Is the liquid inside the teethers completely safe?

Yes. The water filling along with the BPA-free and non-toxic EVA material outside is absolutely harmless.

4) Can your baby bite through the teether?

Noknok Duck Baby Teethers have been designed and prepared specifically for the little ones who are in their teething phase and are able to withstand a bite. To ensure the safety of your little baby, please check the teethers every time before use for any signs of wear and tear. In case of any damage, kindly replace the product.

5) Are the teethers dishwasher-safe?

Yes. Noknok Duck Baby Teethers are dishwasher safe for cleaning.

6) Do Noknok Duck Baby Teethers contain harmful plasticisers?

No. Noknok Duck Baby Teethers and other baby products do not contain any harmful plasticisers and are made of safe and hygienic BPA-free materials. The materials used meet the highest requirements and safety standards ensuring the very best to babies.

7) Do the teethers need to be replaced? If yes, then how often?

Even though Noknok Duck Baby Teethers are made from high-quality and durable materials, it is advisable to keep a regular check on the teethers for any sign of wear and tear to ensure complete safety of your baby. On any display of possible damage, please replace the product.

8) Are Noknok teethers available in different designs?

Yes. Noknok has a spectrum of assortment to offer. Noknok Baby Teethers are available in four different, cute and colourful designs. Choose your one from – Ding Dong Apple, Yummy Watermelon, Juicy Pineapple and Fruity Strawberry.

9) What is the price of these teethers?

Noknok Duck Baby Teethers are priced at only Rs 225/-.

10) How to contact the marketer on demand?

For any customer or other queries and suggestions, please feel free to contact on the following:

Purba Salepur, Dr. Narman Bethun Sarani,
P.O. – Baruipur, South 24 Parganas,
Kolkata : 700144, West Bengal

For feedback-

Email: Customer Care No – 033 3080 3036

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