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Like using a sunscreen lotion or a shampoo, using a pantiliner is another nice way to upkeep your personal hygiene.

Pantiliner is a type of sanitary pad which is ultra thin and soft in nature unsuitable for menstruation but used to maintain daily based cleanliness.

LingerieFit pantiliners comes with “Anion Strip” which controls odour. Its no-slip adhesive gives a contour fit. Worried about its texture for comfort? Well, we give you a pantiliner with rich satin soft feel to make your every use comfortable and worth remembering! Furthermore, the pantiliners are sans fragrances and dyes making it a hygienic choice for everyday use!

Now step out of your closet, use LingerieFit pantiliners to avoid continence and enjoy comfort and confidence every day.

Lingerie Fit Pantiliners – Safe Intimate Care!!

It works

Our innovative LingerieFit Pantiliners design offers an enhanced fit, safely locking the fluid keeping you dry for a reliable protection and comfort. The anion strip controls odour giving you a fresh feel that lingers for hours.

We care

Lingerie Fit pantiliners are processed in a way free from fragrances and dyes, to give you just what you need without letting your skin getting exposed to unnecessary and harmful chemicals.


  • Anion Strip – Prevents bacterial and fungal growth
  • Velvety soft and thin surface – Breathable ultra smooth cotton surface for maximum comfort and absorbency
  • Stay-put Capacity – Increased stay-put power to keep you on the move
  • Odour–control – The Anion Strip layer keeps bacteria at bay, hence eradicating odour and keeping you fresh for hours
  • Non-perfumed – No artificial fragrances have been used keeping your hygiene in mind
  • Well-conformed Fit – Soft absorbent core comfortably flexes with your body


With LingerieFit Pantiliners, you can be stress-free and concentrate on the daily things that really matter (not your liner)!

  • So thin and absorbent, you will forget you are even wearing a liner!
  • Cottony soft giving you that feather like feel!
  • Strong stay-put power with no-slip adhesive gives that perfect fit and boosts your confidence meter!
  • Anion-strip layer neutralizes odour freeing your mind and keeping you fresh!
1) What is a pantiliner?

A pantiliner is generally a thinner and narrower version of sanitary napkin used in daily life to upkeep the hygiene factor and to help you feel cleaner and fresher at any time of the day.

2) Are pantiliners a replacement of sanitary napkin?

No. Sanitary napkins are used for heavier absorption. Pantiliners being thinner and narrower do not have that absorbency power. They are unsuitable for menstruation or to hold heavy liquids.

3) What are pantiliners used for?

Pantiliners are used to wear as a backup protection when you get your menstruation and are using a tampon. It can also be used for absorbing wetness due to any sort of vaginal discharge, perspiration and unexpected menstrual flow.

4) How do pantiliners work?

Pantiliners are placed in the crotch of your panties and secure with the adhesive.

5) Are pantiliners comfortable?

Pantiliners are shorter, thinner and narrower than pads which are the basic reasons why women feel comfortable in them. Apart from that, LingerieFit pantiliners give you a rich, satin soft feel giving you a feather-like-touch.

6) What is the anion-strip and how does it help?

Anion is a negatively charged ion. The anion-strip gets activated when it comes in contact with moisture or friction with the body. It suppresses the reproduction of microorganisms inside the pad and hence helps to avoid unpleasant odour.

7) Are the pantiliners fragranced?

LingerieFit pantiliners are not fragranced for we care about your hygiene!

8) Can pantiliners be used on a daily basis?

Pantiliners are completely safe and meant for daily use to keep you fresh, clean and comfortable throughout the day, indoors or outdoors.

9) How many pods are there in one pack?

It comes in a pack of 30 pantiliners.

10) What are the contact details of the importer and marketer?

The contact details are as follows:

Purba Salepur, Dr. Narman Bethun Sarani,
P.O. – Baruipur, South 24 Parganas,
Kolkata : 700144, West Bengal

For customer queries and suggestions, please do feel free to contact at:

Customer Care No – 033 3080 3036
Email: Website:

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