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Introducing the new Gomax Unisex SPORTS Water Bottle!

Sports, workouts and exercises just got a revamping done!

Drinking becomes more stylish, hygienic and comfortable now. Sweat it out with our sleek, easy-grip and unisex water bottle. Safely store your water in our dashing red-and-black bottle.

It fits securely in standard size bags. The curvaceous design is just apt for that perfect grip in your hand as you hold it right after sweating it out there. The bottle comes with a leak proof valve so as to give you a spill-proof drinking experience even when you are in rush! The material is neither too hard, nor too soft, but just ideal for you to press down the water as you drink.

Go that extra mile with GOMAX!

A unisex trendy water bottle always comes in handy! Not just at the time of sweating it out at the gymnasium but also when you are playing your favourite sport, running, jogging or even practising dance to your favourite music! A strong-grip and cool bottle that can be used by both the genders is all that one would want! But what are those trinkets of benefits and features looked for in a bottle?

  • Leak-proof valve: Gives you a smooth & mess-free drinking experience!
  • Clip-less cap: Eases usage and drinking!
  • Asymmetrical one-hand design: Makes it look trendy and fit to hold with one hand!
  • Rubber material body: Furnishes you with strong and anti-slip grip to let you drink without any hassles even when in rush!
  • Dashing black over red design:Gives the bottle a cool and trendy look so that you flaunt it with style every time!
  • Capacity (600ml): Neither too much, nor too less!
  • 100% BPA free: Gives you a hygienic and safe option to store and carry water!
  • Neat & compact design: Makes it portable, friendly and easy to carry when on the move as it fits in anywhere!

Go ahead and pick one up! Live life, enjoy sports with Gomax!!

1) Why the name Gomax?

Gomax was chosen for the sports range with a specific reason in mind. When the word “sports” comes to our mind, the first few words to come to our mind are active, running, maximum speed, fitness and alike. Gomax wants to be your ally helping you to attain the maximum!
The word “GO” means “SPIRIT or ACTIVITY” and “MAX” is the shortened form of “MAXIMUM”. With Gomax, attain maximum spirit and vitality!

2) Is the bottle durable?

The bottle is strong and durable and can be used daily over an extensive period of time without breakage issues.

3) Is it safe to store and carry water in the bottle?

The bottle is BPA free and it is 100% safe and hygienic to store and carry water.

4) Is the bottle anti-spill?

The bottle sipper is leak-proof and gives you a no-mess drinking experience.

5) What is the capacity of the bottle?

The capacity of the bottle is 600ml.

6) What is the price of the bottle?

The price of one Gomax Unisex Sports Water Bottle is Rs 650/- only.

7) How will you contact the marketer?

The contact details of the marketer goes as:

Purba Salepur, Dr. Narman Bethun Sarani,
P.O. – Baruipur, South 24 Parganas,
Kolkata : 700144, West Bengal

For customer or other queries & suggestions, please feel free to contact on-

Email: feedback@mhbl.in Customer Care No – 033 3080 3036

You can buy Healthbuddy Gomax Unisex Sports Water Bottle 600 Ml at the following websites: