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Heathbuddy brings forth Digital Thermometer, an instrument which facilitates you to measure your body temperature quickly and accurately without taking the pain of visiting a doctor. It is hassle free, easy to use – store and carry being sleek in design.


Healthbuddy Thermometer has a digital screen that shows the readings in Fahrenheit. It measures the temperature accurately and is extremely easy to use. While using this thermometer you can avail fast results.


With the advancement in science and technology, it is feasible today to read and measure temperature with electronics. With the passage of time, people have come to rely on “Digital Thermometers” to give them a fast, accurate reading of an individual’s body temperature.

It is imperative on one’s part to think how a digital thermometer works since it is devoid of mercury. Previously glass tube thermometers used the tendency of matter to expand with a rise in temperature (thermal expansion) to determine body temperature. Their space age decedents rely instead on a “thermistor” (thermo-resistor) to determine temperature by measuring electrical resistance.

The thermistor in a digital thermometer is a ‘semiconductor device’ which acts as a temperature-sensitive electric resistor. At low temperatures, a thermistor will not conduct electricity, but as its temperature rises, the thermistor’s state changes and it becomes more and more conductive. Thermistors used in digital fever thermometers undergo this change in conductivity (resistance) at temperatures near 98° F. A microcontroller inside the thermometer determines the thermistor’s temperature by measuring its electric resistance which is then displayed on the screen.


  • Temperature reading in °F, ranging between { 89.6°F ~ 107.6°F }
  • Non-mercury, 100% safe
  • Clinically tested
  • With fever alert responding after the measuring is complete
  • Beeper sound function once measurement is complete
  • Automatic power off within 10 minutes on after non-use
  • Memory with the last measurement reading
  • Convenient usage, fast and highly accurate reading
  • Easy to read with LCD display screen
  • Big LCD display of size 20x7mm for easy reading of temperatures
  • Battery type: Alkaline Manganese button battery, type LR41, 1.5V
  • Battery life: Approximately 100 hours under continuous operation
  • Can be used in oral cavity, rectum and under the armpit
  • 1 year product warranty


Your Healthbuddy Thermometer has been designed for a safer & speedy reading of temperature with special attention being paid to accuracy owing to the excellent built in memory function and clear and wide LCD display which provides no space for erroneous results.

Below are the main benefits of using the same:

  • Risk of contact of hazardous mercury to human skin can be avoided, in case of breakage of the traditional thermometers
  • Safer option for use, especially for temperature measurement of children
  • Accuracy of temperature reading is enhanced
  • Easier , speedy & hygienic to handle
  • Best options for hospitals, schools etc
  • Offers more portability than traditional devices
  • The simple digital number readout gives accurate and clear results that leave no room for doubt or guesswork.
1) Where should you take the temperature?

It is indispensable to remember that the body temperature reading depends largely on the site where the measurement is being taken. For this reason, the measurement site should always be specified in order to ensure a correct temperature reading is recorded.

There are three common sites where the body temperature can be measured. They are-

  • In the Rectum (Rectal) – This is the most accurate method from a medical point of view, because it comes closest to the core body temperature. The thermometer tip is inserted carefully into the rectum for a maximum of 2 cm. The usual measuring time is approximately 40 to 60 seconds.
  • Under the arm (Axillary) – Placing the thermometer in the armpit provides a measurement of surface temperature that can fluctuate by around 0.5 C to 1.5 C (32.9°F to 34.7°F) from rectal temperature readings in adults. The usual measuring time for this method is approximately 80 to 120 seconds. It should be noted, however, that an exact reading cannot be obtained if, for example, the armpits have been allowed to cool. If this is the case, we recommend extending the measuring time by around 5 minutes in order to obtain the most precise possible reading that corresponds as closely as possible to the core body temperature.
  • In the mouth (Oral) – There are different heat zones in the mouth. As a general rule, the oral temperature is 0.3 C to 0.8 C (32.54°F to 33.44°F) lower than the rectal temperature. To ensure that reading is as accurate as possible, place the thermometer tip to the left or right of the root of the tongue. The thermometer tip must have constant contact with the tissue during the reading and be placed under the tongue in one of the two heat pockets at the back, keep the mouth closed during the reading and breathe evenly through the nose. Do not eat or drink anything before the measurement. The usual measuring time is approximately 50 to 70 seconds.
2) What type of replacement battery do you need to purchase for Healthbuddy Thermometer?

When the battery is empty and the screen displays the relevant signals, remove the battery cover and replace the battery (preferably non-mercury) of the same type.

(Kindly check the instructions manual for the signs)

3) What is considered normal temperature?

Temperature ranges vary by age group. The following ranges are based on an oral measurement. The first group, babies and toddlers, ages 0 to 2 years range from 36.4°C – 38.0°C (97.52°F-100.4°F). Children age 3 to 10 years range from 36.1°C – 37.8°C (96.98°F-100.04°F). Young people and adults aged 11 to 65 range from 35.9°C – 37.6°C (96.62°F-99.68°F), and adults over the age of 65 range from 35.8°C – 37.5°C (96.44°F-99.5°F). Please note that large individual variations are observed in groups of older people. Always consult with your healthcare professional for measurement methods and guidelines for reporting a fever.

4) What is important while taking temperature?

It is a fact that the body temperature reading largely depends on where it is measured. Hence, contradicting popular consensus, there is no such “normal temperature”. Moreover, a healthy individual’s body temperature will differ based on the extent of their physical activity and time of the day. Body temperature increases after any form of physical activity.

Saying so, it is wise to consider all these while taking a body temperature and deriving to further conclusions once the measurement is complete.

5) How will you disinfect your thermometer and keep it clean?

The best way to clean your thermometer tip is by applying a disinfectant (e.g. 70% ethyl alcohol) using a damp cloth.

(PS- Please refrain from immersing the thermometer in liquid or lukewarm water for thorough cleaning and disinfecting.)

Your Healthbuddy Thermometer is durable and manufactured for a lifetime of normal, household use. Follow the directions careful to ensure years of dependable operation. If the device is not working properly, kindly check the battery first and replace it if necessary.

6) What is the price of one Healthbuddy Thermometer?

The price of one Healthbuddy Thermometer is only Rs 195/-.

7) If required, where to contact the marketing company?

For any customer or other queries and suggestions, please feel free to contact the marketing company on the following:

Purba Salepur, Dr. Narman Bethun Sarani,
P.O. – Baruipur, South 24 Parganas,
Kolkata : 700144, West Bengal

For customer or any other queries & suggestions, please feel free to contact on-

Email: Customer Care No – 033 3080 3036

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