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GRACIA – the name was clinched after much contemplation. Gracia is a Spanish word meaning “Grace”. Gracia is a mod range of kid’s accessories – creative and funky. Use Gracia’s creative and swanky little girls’ accessories to discover an effortless and royal fashion statement for your little one that’s just too cute!

It is needless to say how we all love our little pink angels! And imagine them all dolled up in pretty accessories. Won’t these munchkins look just too charming and enamouring to resist yourself from cuddling them all through the day? Just for envisage they would look like a colourful and divinely sugar-coated house of candies, or may be a preened living Barbie doll. All the mothers around the world enjoy decking up their candy angels and we at Gracia love to spread such smiles.

Gracia at start-up offers an exquisite array of sensuous and cute clips, hair bands and rubber bands for your sweet little fairies. Keeping in mind the concern of going to playhouses and kindergarten schools we have included accessories in plain colours too like black, white and red. And then there are those to pick for the party look!

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